Ausführlicher Report zu den Vintage-Samplern Roland S-330, Roland S-50, Roland S-550, Roland S-10, inklusive Software SYS-333 und SYS-553, sowie 


550 owner's manual and page 138 in the S - 330) on the sound disk. DIRECTOR -S System Disk (Song Disk). DIRECTOR - S System. S.No. Song Data. Roland 

Roland JP-8000 SuperSaw : The sound of euphoric Trance: Roland D-50 "Staccato Heaven" Staccato Heaven: One of the reasons why I bought a D-50 in 1989 instead of an M1. Roland S-330: by break: Fri Aug 25 2000 at 11:14:58: The rackmount version of the S-50 keyboard sampler.Manufactured between 1987 and 1988. Apart from the missing keyboard, differences include an 8-part multi-timbrality, no compatibility with the DT100 digitizing tablet used with the S-50, plus a different version (SYS553) of the sequencer software. Created Date: Wed Jun 21 17:47:15 2000 2020-05-09 Roland S-330 Editor and Librarian for Midi Quest iPad Developed specifically for the Roland S-330, Sound Quest's Midi Quest multi-instrument editor/librarian protects the S-330 from data loss, provides an intuitive graphic interface to display the instrument's settings, and includes unparalleled editing, organization, and creative tools to maximize the sonic potential of the S-330. S 330; Roland S330 Digital Sampler Service notes Owner’s manual Roland S330 | S 330 | S-330.

Roland s-330

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Items for Sale on Reverb. Roland S-330 Digital Sampler ($220) Floppy Drive Emulator USB for Roland S-330 S-50 S-550 W-30 Incl. 4250+ disks S330 S50 S550 W30 ($87.04) ROLAND S-330 Operating System Startup Disk v1.03 OS Boot - US Seller! NEW ($6.99) ROLAND S-330 Utility Disk v1.03 - US Seller! NEW You can get it on the Roland FTP site. Alternative. The S-330 has a big resemblance to an Emu SP1200 drum machine/sampler as a low price alternative.

Roland D-50 "Pizzagogo" Orinoco Flow: Yet another famous D-50 preset, this is a lovely sound that defines New Age pieces. Enya and her "Orinoco Flow" come to mind.

550 owner's manual and page 138 in the S - 330) on the sound disk. DIRECTOR -S System Disk (Song Disk). DIRECTOR - S System. S.No. Song Data. Roland 

Midi digital sampler. S-330 Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Using A Non‑Roland Mouse With The S‑550, S‑330 Or S‑7xx Samplers NOTE : The S‑50 will not work with any type of mouse unless you have the optional RC‑100 Remote Controller. Without an RC‑100 Remote Controller, the EXT CONTROLLER port on the back of the S‑50 … 2008-07-25 The S-330 has room for 32 samples or "tones" and 16 patches in 2 banks.

Roland s-330

Roland S. Senior Facility Engineer, österrike. "Cheferna har alltid visat sin uppskattning för vårt hårda arbete." Ashley de V. Data Centre Technician, Sverige.

Roland s-330

The unit doesn't have the RAM and polyphony of today's high powered samplers, but still has a home in my studio due to its unique sonic character and user interface. S-330 Sampler Repair I recently bought two Roland S-330 Samplers from a fellow musician at a synthesizer meeting for a reasonable price. Two things made me take them: Firstly, I´ve never owned a Roland S-series sampler and secondly one of them was declared defective. Besides the Roland S-330 Sampler I received an almost impeccable Director-S package with scratch free disks + stickers and almost brand new manuals. Ah…and two shoe boxes full of diskettes with samples. Happy me!

Roland s-330

Roland S-330 Digital Sampler ($220) Floppy Drive Emulator USB for Roland S-330 S-50 S-550 W-30 Incl.
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The software dumps a Wave file (*.wav) from your PC to the S-330 memory using the MIDI connection between your PC and the S-330.

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Jämför priser på Roland Effektenheter & effektpedaler. Hitta bästa pris på 2992 produkter Roland Aira VT-3. 2 330 kr · Roland EV-5. 658 kr · Roland GR-55GK. 6 490 kr · Roland GR55S Roland ME-20. 999 kr · Roland GR-S V-Guitar Space.

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2017-05-05 Roland S330 Info from system studio nottingham, UK: Unofficial Roland S330 page Unofficial Roland S330 page: Patchman Music S-330 Sample Disks Over 80 Disks Available: Roland SGroup Resouces/Infos for the S-Series Samplers: S-330 brochure etc The best site there is … Roland S-330 Digital Sampler.

could someone tell me there is an option in the S330 to turn off input monitoring so i don't have to sell these? because of the way i work i cannot 

7 Oct 2016 The DS-330 dates back to 1994 (!) and is an almost (maybe) GS-compatible Sound Canvas.

Prodotto usato prezzo: € 150,00usato privato. ROLAND  Sound Manager for Roland S50 - S330 - S550 and W30 samplers.